Durham Sign Company Assists Businesses With COVID-19 Safety Solutions

When the team at DesignElement, a Durham, NC architectural signage company, noticed the need for workplace safety solutions in the aftermath of COVID-19, they decided to rise to the challenge. The sign planning and design firm is using its sign-making equipment to manufacture protective shields, personal protection equipment, and other safety solutions for local businesses. The goal is to help businesses in the Durham community reopen, operate safely, and protect the health of staff and customers.

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For years, DesignElement has been creating custom signage and graphics packages for education, hospitality, healthcare, residential, and corporate clients. This wide-ranging industry experience has enabled the company to quickly reconfigure its sign-making equipment to produce coronavirus signs and solutions.

One of the most widely felt effects of COVID-19 has been the economic fallout. Some businesses have been deemed non-essential and are only just being allowed to reopen. 

To continue serving the public, businesses need to implement safety measures and social distancing protocols. DesignElement Durham is coming alongside business owners to help them navigate the changes that are occurring as a result of doing business in a post-coronavirus society.

A DesignElement representative says, “DesignElement Durham is an essential business and remains open to serve our business customers. As a manufacturing facility built to meet our clients needs, we can produce many signs to help you prepare for reopening to the public. As a custom signage solutions company, we can tailor a sign package to your specific needs.”

The team understands what it takes to create engaging and informational custom signage that fits the unique needs of a business or service. Not only does DesignElement Durham manufacture signage and safety solutions, but it also designs these solutions to promote a business’s brand identity. While the marketing budget may be limited by the economic impact of COVID-19, businesses can protect employees and customers with custom personal protection equipment, including branded sneeze guards and shields that fit within a business’s brand identity.

DesignElement has been able to rapidly adapt to evolving needs because it is more than a sign provider. The company is a full-service, award-winning communication and environmental design firm that offers novel, innovative design solutions ranging from simple logo design for small businesses to full branding for large, global companies.

Listening to and serving the needs of the community is foundational. One-size-fits all services are not the most effective answer to the challenges posed by COVID-19. Signage that works for a restaurant may not work for an accountant or a grocery store. Customizable products are essential, especially during periods of uncertainty and crisis.

DesignElement Durham offers the following workplace safety solutions:

  • Hand Sanitizer Kiosks and Stations
  • Protective Sneeze Guards
  • Customer Service Counter Protective Shields

In addition, the company’s signage solutions include:

  • Architectural Sign Planning
  • Design Consulting
  • Social Distancing Floor Signs and Decals
  • Wayfinding Signs and Decals
  • Customer Safety Signs
  • Awareness Signs
  • Open for Business Signs
  • Curbside Pickup Zone Signs

One of the more difficult safety measures to adapt to has been social distancing. While it is natural for people to be social and conversational, they must maintain a six-foot distance. Signage and floor decals help customers remember social distancing policies, and wayfinding signs direct traffic through the store. These signs can incorporate fun, educational facts to keep people entertained. Business owners may also want to post their store’s safety policies.

Yard signs and A-Frame signs help inform the community that a store has reopened or has continued to stay open. These signs can be designed to briefly highlight operational changes, including shortened business hours or curbside pickup options. DesignElement also provides illuminated signage.

Offering pickup and delivery has enabled stores to continue to serve customers. By using corrugated plastic signs and vinyl window decals, Durham businesses can advertise their pickup and delivery options and mark out curbside pickup zones and parking spots.

DesignElement has also custom fabricated free-standing sanitizer kiosks and stations, which are integrated with instructional and educational signage. Since sanitizer kiosk availability is dwindling, DesignElement is providing this product locally. Businesses can now bypass the time spent waiting for sellers to restock sold-out sanitizing kiosks and stations. It should be noted that DesignElement does not provide hand sanitizer or sanitation wipes.

In every project that DesignElement takes on, the team displays ingenuity and attention to detail and produces products that are effective, unique, and beautifully designed. Whatever the new normal may be, DesignElement looks forward to equipping local Durham businesses with the best products to protect the health and safety of employees and customers.

For more information about signs in Durham, NC, visit the DesignElement website at designelement-us.com.The team can be reached by phone at (919) 851-2066. Appropriate social distancing and other safety measures are being observed at the company’s physical location, and curbside pickup and delivery is available.

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