Dimensional Graphics &
Channel Letters

Create Dimension.

A little dimension goes a long way.
Showcase the reliability and longevity of your business with the permanence of dimensional signage and lettering.  The brand visibility afforded by illuminated channel letters will impress your customers and instill a sense of lasting aesthetic presence. We offer countless dimensional letter solutions to help brand your office space, residential community and retail environment.  From illuminated channel letters to custom-cut acrylics and metal finishes, we offer a wide range of production styles and options to express yourself, build your brand, and get your business noticed. At DesignElement, we’ve made crafting these custom-manufactured letters and graphic icons into an eye-catching form of art, building local businesses into national brands.  Our team of designers and fabricators can ensure standards-compliance with your landlord or local municipality while bringing that napkin sketch to reality.

Questions & Answers.

If we are painting your letters, then yes, if we are digitally printing something or choosing translucent substrates, then maybe.  We can certainly discuss what options we have to make your sign look the way you want it to look.

There are countless options, but some of the more popular ones are wood, acrylic, aluminum, and high density urethane.  Many times you can choose a less expensive substrate and have a laminate face to achieve a different look.  An example of this would be using a thick acrylic letter with a brushed aluminum laminate face to give you the dimension of a thick aluminum letter without having to pay for a thick aluminum sheet of material to cut your letters out of.  Call us today and we can discuss options for your business.

This is a question that we get a lot.  At the end of the day, the choice is yours, but we suggest you make it based on your budget and the look you are trying to portray for your company.  Some companies are looking for a more retro look to provide a more trendy feel.  Other companies want the brightest, most visible letters possible (illuminated channel letters).  Sometimes the property owner has a specific sign plan that you’ll have to conform to.  Whatever the case is, we can come up with the best solution to help your business get noticed.

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