Durham Sign Company Explains the Benefits of a Monument Sign

As a full-service sign company, DesignElement of Durham, NC, has experience with all types of signage, from yard signs to wayfinding signs to monument signs. Monument signs, in particular, require an extra level of planning and consideration on the part of the sign design and installation team.

Constructed from durable materials such as brick, stone, stucco, wood, or iron, monument signs communicate more than just the words inscribed on their surface. Monument signs combine the best of graphic design and architectural design to create an elegant sign that makes a statement. In fact, a monument sign is the first statement that a business or organization makes about itself when people visit the establishment.

The word “monument” comes from the Latin verb “monēre,” which means “to remind.” Businesses want to make sure that their monument sign reminds customers of the establishment’s very best qualities. An artfully designed and installed monument sign can bring to mind qualities such as stability, reliability, dignity, and longevity. By making a positive statement upfront, a monument sign can enhance a business’ curb appeal and leave a good impression.

The team at DesignElement of Durham, NC, knows how to design and build a monument that will have the maximum impact on the client’s customer base. At DesignElement, the staff has years of quality experience. They understand which materials are the best for both the area in which the sign will be installed and the client’s overall persona. Since the company operates out of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, DesignElement has the ability to produce customized monument and entry signs. Expert graphic designers will ensure that the finished product reflects the client’s needs and conveys the sophistication and craftsmanship that the client expects.

When clients choose DesignElement, they can have confidence in the company’s turnkey solutions. DesignElement provides full-service custom design, permit acquisition, construction, construction management, and logistics. If an organization needs an architectural rendering of the monument sign to present at the next board meeting, the design team is happy to produce a rendering for the client for a fee.

For many clients, it is important that the monument sign is designed so that it is visually connected to and consistent with their corporate branding. The designers will make sure that all the different aspects of the monument sign complement the client’s existing visual identity so that the sign or sign package will remain consistent with the business’ brand, even across multiple locations and build-outs.

Monument signs can be constructed from a variety of materials, including the following:


A brick sign has an ideal balance of strength and beauty. Brick is a suitable material for clients who want their monument sign to match the facade of their storefront.


Monument signs that feature stonework are one of the most elegant options. One would expect a stone monument sign to grace the entrance to an affluent neighborhood. Like brick, stone is very stable and sturdy.


Concrete is a material that suits a minimalistic look. Embodying a no-nonsense practical approach, a concrete sign is built for durability. Monument signs made from this material are often used at the entrance of a local park or to herald drivers entering the city limits.


Metal, such as aluminum or iron, provides a modern look that is sleek and stylish.


A wood sign communicates a traditional, rustic feel and would be right at home at the entrance to a state park or a mountain retreat.


While not as durable as other options, foam is a lightweight and less expensive material. Foamcore signs can replicate the look of brick or stone, and they are easy to remove if the sign owner wants to replace the monument sign. If a business owner is not yet ready to invest in a brick or stone monument sign, a foam sign could be a good entry point.


Since plastic is more malleable than harder materials, it can be more easily formed into different shapes. Businesses with an intricate logo would do well to consider a plastic monument sign.

High-Density Urethane

Strong and naturally waterproof, High-Density-Urethane or HDU has a carved appearance. This material can withstand weather that might cause unsightly damage to a wood or foam sign.

Clients often request advice regarding the planting of flora around the monument sign. A common question is, “Which plants and bushes are a good low maintenance option?” As specialists in environmental design, the team can help the client choose plants that look great, are easy to maintain, and retain an attractive appearance no matter the season.

Once the monument sign has been designed and installed, DesignElement is still available to serve the needs of its customers. Ongoing repairs and maintenance to the sign can be carried out as needed over time. When one project is finished, DesignElement of Durham, NC, looks forward to working with clients on any other sign projects they may need.

DesignElement is the leading sign company in Durham, NC. From interior signs to exterior signs and everything in between, the signage experts will design and produce the custom sign package that the client needs. For more information, contact DesignElement by phone at (919) 383-5561.

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