Licensing Information

To our clients, DesignElement is known as a stalwart partner; A turn-key sign-planning and design firm that helps developers, contractors, architects, and businesses realize the vision for their most important projects while creating value through a thorough pre-construction planning process. 

We unify their projects with fully designed sign packages that eliminate known compliance issues and confusing multiple disparate bid content.

We execute that vision with full manufacturing and installation capabilities at the time of construction – anywhere in the nation.

To our licensees, DesignElement is a unique premise within the sign industry; A planning, environmental branding, and project management accompaniment to your manufacturing and installation capable sign company that focuses on the details before development projects begin. We utilize a robust targeted marketing and CRM program that connects you to decision-makers in your area in conjunction with a knowledge base methodology that allows you to overcome the unexpected difficulties associated with custom projects at a local level.

If you are looking to transform your business into an indispensable partner for developers in your area, contact us today!

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