Raleigh Sign Company Explains the Benefits of a Unified Sign Plan

The team at DesignElement, a Raleigh, NC, sign company, always strives to deliver the best signage and sign management solutions to its clients. One of the ways in which DesignElement serves the signage needs of commercial clients is through a Unified Sign Plan.

What is a Unified Sign Plan?

A Unified Sign Plan is a document that ensures the consistency of a property’s visual identity. The goal of the plan is to create one design language that is uniform across the property as a whole in order to mark the space as unique and different yet unified. Property managers want to make sure that their property is visually distinct and differentiates itself from neighboring developments, strip malls, or commercial properties.

What are the benefits of a Unified Sign Plan?

Usually, buildings within the same development are built with a specific architectural style that communicates that these buildings relate to each other. A USP enables property managers to make sure that the signage used on the property is consistent with the overall style of the development.

While local ordinances provide a baseline for signage restrictions, the USP further restricts the style of signage used on a property. Having a Unified Sign Plan ensures that every entity within a particular property is using the same fonts, colors, and sign construction.

A USP specifically indicates what exterior signage a potential tenant is allowed to use. When a Unified Sign Plan is included in the leasing agreement, the tenant can clearly understand what signage is permitted on the property and can present the USP to a sign company that will design signs that are compliant.

What types of companies use a Unified Sign Plan?

USPs are primarily used by retail developers, commercial developers, and municipalities. A USP is necessary for any group of businesses in a multi-tenant scenario, including properties such as strip malls, business parks, commercial parks, and even properties where one or two buildings are side by side.

Often, a USP is required by a local ordinance. The cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Cary, NC, all require that a USP be filed with the municipality.

What does the filing process entail?

To create a Unified Sign Plan, DesignElement composes a multi-page document that comprises a written narrative as well as visual design layouts that outline exactly what signage a tenant may and may not have. The finished document could range anywhere from two pages to fifty pages, depending on the scope of factors that needs to be covered. Once the USP is filed, the developer or property manager presents the document to current or potential tenants.

Does having a USP in place speed up the sign permit application process?

While a USP will not accelerate the permit application process, having the USP in place is a necessary function at the local level. When a business applies for an exterior sign permit, the municipality reviews the permit application against the USP.

What are the benefits of hiring DesignElement to create a USP?

As a sign manufacturing company, DesignElement of Raleigh is extremely familiar with sign materials, installation methods, and manufacturing methods. In addition, the team understands how to create signs that harmonize with the existing environment or landscape.

Can DesignElement provide sign design and installation services, in addition to composing the USP?

Because DesignElement is a full-service sign company, the team can design and build signs that are approved by the USP. In fact, it makes sense for tenants to hire DesignElement of Raleigh for sign design if the property manager hired the company to create the USP. Since the team composed the USP document, they will know exactly how to make signs that are compliant. Both the tenant and the property manager can have confidence that signs from DesignElement conform to USP standards.

Design Element provides expert design services, permit acquisition, construction, construction management, logistics, and ongoing maintenance of the sign as needed. Whether tenants need a wayfinding sign, dimensional graphics, illuminated signage, or any other permanent or temporary signage solution, they can trust DesignElement of Raleigh to deliver a sign package that is not only elegant and attractive to customers but that is also compliant with local ordinances and USP regulations.

For information about signage in Raleigh, NC, contact DesignElement of Raleigh by phone at (919) 851-2066.

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