Raleigh Sign Company Explains the Sign Creation Process

The team at DesignElement has a simple goal — to provide clients with a unique design, high-quality products, and excellent customer service. The Raleigh design firm develops the client’s idea into a powerful visual identity that is communicated effectively through interior and exterior signage, design services, and visual communication solutions.

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Decades of experience in the communication and environmental design industry has taught the DesignElement staff the importance of a solid brand. DesignElement has worked with clients in diverse industries, including real estate development, retail, corporate, healthcare, and entertainment. Across the board, a well-designed and thoughtfully deployed brand attracts the attention of customers and inspires employees. Whether the venue is a trade show booth, a stadium, a corporate facility, or a restaurant, customers respond positively to a great brand.

DesignElement helps customers plan, design, and implement complete sign packages of any size and scope. With the help of the team of project managers, sign designers, production technicians, and sign installers, the client can create a successful sign project that draws repeat customers.

Planning Stage

DesignElement offers a small studio environment that encourages an active, face-to-face customer service experience. This arrangement enables the client’s project to receive the personal attention it deserves. Clients can be as hands-on as they would like throughout every step of the project.

In the first step of the ideation phase, the client provides the general requirements for the project, a floor plan or site map of the premises on which the signage will be installed, and branding guidelines, if available. Seasoned project managers will use this information to determine the extent of the signage needed to most effectively engage with customers. They will create a detailed list of all the necessary sign elements and decide on the ideal placement of signage or graphics based on the expected traffic flow.

Design Stage

An enduring brand is not just a graphic. A skilled graphic designer understands that a successful design must communicate clearly and trigger emotions that resonate with customers and that underpin the message the business is trying to convey. For these reasons, the design stage is one of the most vital stages of the overall project.

Subtle details shape the public’s perception of a product and business. From text to color to images, every aspect of a sign design is communicating ideas and emotions to customers. The design team’s job is to channel each element of the design towards creating a final product that connects with the client’s customer base in powerful, persistent ways.

An understanding of the psychology of shapes and colors is essential when developing a branding or signage program. Red hues impact the customer in a different way than blue or green hues do. Similarly, shapes represent different ideas and associations that can be very effective when used strategically.

DesignElement approaches the creative process with both practical and aesthetic concerns in mind. A beautiful sign may not clearly communicate important information, while a utilitarian sign might lack the artistry necessary to attract attention. Neither of these signs would be desirable because they do not fulfill their purpose. The key is to create a design that strikes the right balance between art and application.

In addition, DesignElement can produce signage that is in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Industry, government, and independent organization guidelines are rigid, but the team is able to develop an ADA signage package that is informational, attractive, and compliant. DesignElement is knowledgeable about all aspects of ADA compliant signage, including the pitfalls to avoid and what ADA standards apply to a particular business or organization.

Production Stage

The production team selects the material and fabrication techniques that will give the signs the optimal durability for the setting in which they will be used. Extensive knowledge of available materials, manufacturing processes, and code compliance enables DesignElement to take the project from concept to completion in the shortest possible time frame.

Installation Stage

Once the signage has been designed and produced, the pieces are installed according to precise specifications and according to current industry standards. DesignElement takes care of permit acquisition, construction, construction management, logistics, and even ongoing maintenance as needed. If the client needs additional signs after the end of the project, the team can quickly produce extra signage, and this service is covered under the company’s maintenance contract.

For more information about sign planning, design, and installation in Raleigh, NC, visit the DesignElement website at designelement-us.com/locations/raleigh-nc.The office can be reached by phone at (919) 851-2066.

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