Raleigh Signage Company Provides Workplace Sign and Safety Solutions

DesignElement, a Raleigh architectural sign planning, and design firm, has stepped up to help local businesses overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has reconfigured its sign-making equipment to be able to produce protective shields and similar personal protection equipment, as well as safety solutions to help businesses operate and reopen.

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The company’s signage and workplace safety solutions include:

  • Architectural Sign Planning and Design Consulting
  • Social Distancing Floor Signs and Decals
  • Wayfinding Signs and Decals
  • Customer Safety and Awareness Signs
  • Open for Business Signs
  • Curbside Pickup Zone Signs
  • Hand Sanitizer Kiosks and Stations
  • Protective Sneeze Guards
  • Customer Service Counter Protective Shields

Safety Signs and Workplace Solutions

DesignElement can produce many types of signs to help businesses prepare to reopen to the public. As a custom signage solutions company, DesignElement can tailor a sign package to a business’ specific needs and offers a fast turnaround time.

The team can produce social distancing floor decals, wayfinding signs and stickers, customer safety and awareness signs, open for business signs, sidewalk signs, curbside pickup zone signs, and hand sanitizer kiosks and stations. The hand sanitizer stations include custom printed backplates for additional brand awareness.

Protective Shields and Guards

Keeping customers and employees safe is a priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. DesignElement helps create solutions that not only protect people’s health but also promote a business’s brand identity. While the economic impact of COVID-19 may limit the marketing budget, businesses can utilize custom-branded personal protection equipment, such as sneeze guards and shields, to keep their services top of mind.

Social Distancing Decals, Wayfinding Signs, and Safety Policy Signs

One of the hardest safety measures to adapt to has been social distancing. People naturally want to be social and conversational, but it is vital to remind customers to maintain a six-foot distance. Floor decals help customers remember social distancing policies, and wayfinding signs direct traffic safely through a store. DesignElement can create signs that stand out with fun, educational facts to keep the clientele entertained while exercising proper distancing protocol. Posting a business’ safety policies is also beneficial for both customers and employees.

Open for Business Yard and A-Frame Signs

Yard signs and A-Frames are an excellent way to let the community know that a store is back in business. A solid design can allow room to briefly highlight operational changes, such as shortened hours of operation or the introduction of curbside pickup. DesignElement offers illuminated signage solutions for businesses that want to draw extra attention to their announcements.

Curbside Pickup and Delivery Available Signs

Pickup and delivery has proved to be an excellent way for stores to minimize contact with customers while still providing services. Raleigh businesses can advertise their pickup and delivery options with corrugated plastic signs and vinyl window decals that are easy-to-read. Signage also helps to clearly delineate curbside pickup zones and parking spots.

Free-Standing Sanitizer Kiosks and Stations

One of DesignElement’s more unique solutions is its free-standing sanitizer kiosks and stations. These tools are custom fabricated and are integrated with instructional and educational signage. While sanitizer kiosks are already on the market, their availability is dwindling. By providing this product locally, DesignElement enables businesses to bypass the time spent waiting for sellers to restock sold-out sanitizing kiosks and stations.

At DesignElement, the teams’ efforts are driven by a desire to meet the needs of the community during a time of great need. The company’s solutions are not one-size-fits-all services. Signage that works for a pizzeria may not work for a supermarket or a law office. DesignElement understands that customization is essential, especially during times of crisis. In everything the team does, they display ingenuity and attention to detail in order to produce products that are unique, beautifully designed, and effective. Whatever the new normal may be, DesignElement is completely prepared to equip local Raleigh businesses with the best products to protect employees and customers.

For more information about essential signage in Raleigh, NC, visit the DesignElement website at designelement-us.com.The team can be reached by phone at (919) 851-2066. The office is located at 972 Trinity Rd Ste 1, Raleigh, NC 27607 and is open on Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Appropriate social distancing and other safety measures are being observed, and curbside pickup and delivery are available.

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