Sign Company in Durham, NC, Highlights the Benefits of Interior Signage

When a business is strategizing signage solutions for its storefront, the main focus is generally the outside of the building. The entrance sign, window signs, banners, yard signs, sidewalks signs, and other exterior signage are top of mind for a business owner who wants to engage with and attract customers. However, interior signage is an important factor to consider in order to more fully enhance the customer experience.

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Effectively designed interior signage offers many benefits. While some of the benefits listed below can be achieved with exterior signage, business owners must take into consideration that interior signage complements and underscores the efforts of outdoor signs.

1. Interior Signage Communicates Important Information

For a retail establishment, interior signs are a valuable tool to highlight sales events, promotions, new inventory, and clearance. In the medical field, a doctor’s office or dental practice may need informational signs that provide an overview of best practices for people’s health or that call attention to various conditions that patients might be facing.

2. Interior Signage Is Essential in the Aftermath of COVID-19

COVID-19 has introduced a multitude of new signage needs, from social distancing signs to wayfinding signs to customer safety signs. In the current climate, COVID-19 signage is expected of a responsible and customer-oriented business.

3. Interior Signage Promotes Brand Awareness

A visually appealing lobby sign creates an excellent first impression. By making sure the sign clearly displays the business’ logo and harmonizes with the establishment’s brand colors, a business is distinguishing itself from the competition from the moment the customer or client walks through the front door.

4. Interior Signage Streamlines Seasonal Advertising

Through well-designed and strategically placed signage, businesses can smoothly transition into the holiday season. The holidays present a huge opportunity for retailers and restaurants. Not only are customers making gift purchases, but they are also purchasing seasonal products, such as peppermint-flavored beverages, fall-themed decor, and pumpkin-spice scented candles, to name a few of the many offerings that shelves and menus feature around this festive time of year. When a store or restaurant sells a seasonal product, the business owner will want to make sure that customers are notified, especially if the item is only available for a limited time.

Interior signs are also easy to move around and change out. When a store needs to signal the end of Thanksgiving promotions and the beginning of Christmas events, the store adjustments may be as simple as having an employee change out the interior signs.

5. Interior Signage Helps Businesses Abide by ADA Regulations

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to post signage that adheres to rigid industry, governmental, and independent organization guidelines. Requirements include:

  • The use of non-glare materials
  • Proper typeface
  • Proper color and size selection
  • Proper use of standard symbols, tactile elements, and Braille

Creating an attractive, effective sign package around these restrictions can be a challenge. Businesses will want to ensure that they work with a sign design company that understands and has experience with all aspects of ADA compliant signage.

6. Interior Signage Provides Directional Guidance

If shoppers or clients can easily navigate a facility, they are more likely to be satisfied with their experience. A business that posts plenty of directional and wayfaring signs throughout its interior space will reduce the possibility of frustrating customers.

7. Interior Signage Creates the Character of the Business

Plain, empty walls or interesting, engaging decor — which is more appealing to customers? Interior signage injects life and vigor into a space, whether it be a cafe or an office. Even a business that has a more reserved presence does not want to be perceived as impersonal or uninviting.

A decorative interior sign could be as lavish as a mural or as modest as a mission statement; the business will want to make sure that the signage reflects the desired atmosphere for the clientele that is served. Whatever the type of industry, decorative interior signage can eliminate blank wall space and communicate the tone and character of a place of business.

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DesignElement is the leading sign planning and design firm in the Durham, NC, area. Whether the client needs interior signage, exterior signage, or a combination of both, the team will design and produce the custom signage package that the client has envisioned. For more information about the sign company in Durham, NC, contact DesignElement by phone at (919) 383-5561.

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