In everything we do, we believe in showing we care, we believe in ingenuity.
Our products are unique, beautifully designed and effective.
Looking for signage, design packages, or project management services?

Why work with us?

With a collective total of over 100 years experience creating custom signage for education, hospitality, healthcare, residential and corporate customers, we understand what it takes to create engaging and informational custom signage that fits the unique needs of your organization. It’s not bragging if you can back it up, and we can.

When you engage our company, we sell yours. This is because DesignElement is more than a sign provider – we’re a full-service, award-winning communication and environmental design firm that offers novel, innovative design solutions ranging from simple logo design for small businesses, to full branding for large, global companies.

DesignElement provides a small studio environment facilitating an active, face-to-face customer service experience wherein our experienced project managers and sign designers will work with you to design, build, and install complete sign packages. We are partnered with local Signarama stores to provide the fast turnaround and quality products you’ve come to expect from a national brand. This allows us to deliver complete turnkey design-build solutions as well as offer maintenance plans so you won’t have to wait to get that one extra sign you didn’t know you needed after the job is complete.

Create the world you work in.

Never underestimate the power of a first impression or an environment that evokes an emotional connection.

From trade show booths and corporate facilities, to restaurants and sports venues, a cohesive, well-branded space will keep customers coming back and keep employees inspired.

Our branding services include the custom design of signage and graphics to complement your business, material and fabrication techniques for optimum durability, the ideal placement of signage or graphics based on apparent traffic flow, and the installation of all pieces to current industry standards.

Let us create a space where your customers and employees will love spending time and will want to return again and again.

Do you need directional signage or informational signage for your large facility or site project?

The knowledgeable staff at DesignElement have years of experience in planning, design and implementing complete signage packages for projects of any size and scope.

The process is simple; provide us with your general requirements, branding guidelines, and a floor plan or site map of your project. From there, we will create the design basis, a detailed list of all the signage you will need and where each sign will be installed.

Once the designs have been approved, we will produce and then install the signage on-site at your location. Don’t waste valuable time trying to handle a large project on your own.

With our extensive knowledge of design, available materials, manufacturing processes and code compliance, we can take you from concept to completion in the shortest time possible – and often for less than you might expect.

DesignElement started with the simple goal of providing our clients with unique design, a quality product, and excellent customer service. Our primary focus is to develop your idea into a powerful brand by following our mission of providing superior interior and exterior signage, design services, and unique, visual communication solutions.

Strong, enduring brands are not just a graphic; they are a graphic that triggers an emotion.

The psychology of shapes and colors is essential when developing a branding or signage program that convey the correct message and emotion to your clients, and DesignElement boasts a collective total of over 100 years’ experience in the communication and environmental design industry.

We build powerful brands that stand the test of time by realizing the importance of details that shape the public’s perception of a product and business, and this understanding has helped us develop the image of a diverse and growing customer base that includes retail, corporate, healthcare, entertainment and real estate development.

Create a statement that leaves the right impression! If you are looking for top-notch, custom signage for maximum impact, DesignElement is your one-stop design/build resource.

Offering turnkey solutions, DesignElement provides the design, permit acquisition, construction/construction management, logistics, and even service after the sale for ongoing maintenance as needed over time.

With so many material and construction methods available, there’s never been a better time to give your facility an eye-catching statement that will last for years to come.

Industry Leading Services

If any of these questions below sound familiar, we can help!

Have you had difficulty establisting sign budgets for future developments?
Yes I have.
Has your project failed final inspection due to missing or non-compliant signage?
Unfortunately, Yes.
Has occupancy been held up for failure to establish and register a unified sign plan with your local municipality?
Yes, it has.
Has your project incurred unnecessary expense due to lack of sign planning such as not having the correct infrastructure for building signage mounting and wiring?
It was very expensive.
Has your sign company ever turned down a project due to size, design, or complexity?
It was outside our wheelhouse...
Does your lobby impress upon your customers and employees the values and quality your business represents?
No, it's kind of plain.
Have you ever struggled with having to work with multiple vendors for different aspects of the same project?
I wish it was simpler.
Have you worked with a vendor that seemed intimidated by the scope of your project?
I didn't feel like I was in capable hands.
Have you run into unexpected problems or are you worried about deadlines and setbacks due to this being your first time tackling a particular project?
A lot is riding on this project.
Is your business development/location/building easy to navigate for your employees, vendors, and customers?
It's a horrible labyrinth.
Does your entryway signage represent the size, capability, and ideals that your company stands for?
Not really, but we'd like it to.

With integrity and a positive attitude, we believe in creating
a better world for our customers, community and employees
through friendships, excellent customer service,
exceptional product quality and valued solutions.

Kip Greer, President
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