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Turnkey Installation & Maintenance

Choose DesignElement for a complete, turnkey solution.  What does that mean?  It means our customers come to us to with an idea and then we handle the entire process of turning that idea into a finished product.  

In the end we have taken care of all of their interior and exterior signage needs.  Everything is installed exactly to specification. We can provide the design, permit acquisition, construction/construction management, logistics, and even service after the sale for ongoing maintenance as needed over time.  This is an advantage that is easy to overlook, but when you need additional signs after the end of the project, sometimes the larger companies that sub out all of the signage fabrication will not be able to quickly turn around those small extra signs.  

We can have that ready for you and what’s better, you can have us under a maintenance contract so those extra signs are already covered.

Sign Planning & Design

Do you need directional signage or informational signage for  a large facility or project?  The knowledgeable staff at DesignElement have years of experience in helping customers plan, design and implement complete sign packages for projects of any size and scope. The process is simple.  Just provide us with your general requirements, branding guidelines (if available), and a floor plan or site map of your project.  From there, we will create a detailed list of all the signage you will need and where each sign will be installed.  Once the designs have been approved, we will produce and then install the signage on-site at your location.  Don’t waste valuable time trying to handle a large project on your own.  With our extensive knowledge of available materials, manufacturing processes and code compliance, we can take you from concept to completion in the shortest time possible – and often for less than you might expect!

ADA Compliant Tactile Signs

ADA compliance is so much more than just Braille. In order to remain in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), your custom signage must adhere to strict industry, government and independent organization guidelines.

Some of these requirements include the use of non-glare materials, proper typeface, color and size selection, the proper use of standard symbols, tactile elements and Braille. Planning and designing an attractive sign package around these restrictions can be a daunting task, and the staff at

DesignElement is well versed in all aspects of ADA compliant signage, including the pitfalls to avoid and when ADA standards apply to your business or organization. Call us today and we will develop an ADA signage package that is not only informational and attractive, but also compliant to all applicable ADA codes.

Directional Wayfinding Signs

With years of experience creating custom signage for education, hospitality, healthcare, residential and corporate customers, we understand what it takes to create engaging and informational custom signage that fits the unique needs of your organization.

From life safety and operational signage to help prevent injuries on the job or minimize accident lawsuits, to wayfinding signage systems to keep people moving in the right direction, our ideas are second to none. No job is too large or too small. Industrial manufacturing facilities, corporate offices, shopping complexes and neighborhoods can all benefit from easy to read signage that eliminates confusion and directs your workforce and customers.

There is way more to creating wayfinding and safety signage than you might think, so trust our experts to provide your facility with the signage it needs.

Branded Environment Design

Never underestimate the power of a first impression or an environment that evokes an emotional connection. From trade show booths and corporate facilities, to restaurants and sports venues, a cohesive, well-branded space will keep your customers coming back and your employees inspired.

Our services include the custom design of signage and graphics to complement your business, material and fabrication techniques for optimum durability, the ideal placement of signage or graphics based on apparent traffic flow, and the installation of all pieces to current industry standards.

Let us create a space where your customers and employees will love spending time and will want to return again and again.

Entry Statement Monument Signs

A monument sign is the first statement you make about yourself as your customer visits your establishment. it comes from the latin monere meaning “to remind.” What does your monument currently say about you?

Make a statement that leaves the right impression! If you are looking for top-notch, custom signage designed for maximum impact, DesignElement is your one-stop design/build resource. With years of experience, knowledge of materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at our disposal, we have the capability to produce completely custom entry and monument signage that reflects the elegance and style that you expect.

DesignElement offers our clients turnkey solutions, providing complete custom design, permit acquisition, construction/construction management, logistics, and even service after the sale for ongoing repairs and/or maintenance as needed over time. With so many material and construction methods available, there’s never been a better time to give your facility an eye-catching statement that will last for years to come.

Dimensional & Channel Letter Signs

Showcase the reliability and longevity of your business with the permanence of dimensional signage and lettering.  The brand visibility afforded by illuminated channel letters will impress your customers and instill a sense of lasting aesthetic presence.

We offer countless dimensional letter solutions to help brand your office space, residential community and retail environment.  From illuminated channel letters to custom-cut acrylics and metal finishes, we offer a wide range of production styles and options to express yourself, build your brand, and get your business noticed.

At DesignElement, we’ve made crafting these custom-manufactured letters and graphic icons into an eye-catching form of art, building local businesses into national brands.  Our team of designers and fabricators can ensure standards-compliance with your landlord or local municipality while bringing that napkin sketch to reality.

Illuminated Signs

Property owners and managers need a one-size-fits-all signage solution to accommodate multiple tenants but sometimes city ordinance will only allow them a certain amount of signage.  We can create the perfect fluorescent bulb or LED illuminated cabinet, pylon, or pole sign that can be easily and quickly changed as tenants come and go. Aluminum sign cabinets are a staple in the sign industry as they provide a lasting solution that can be easily modified without a permit as a tenant changes by replacing the acrylic or poly-carbonate insert.  This cabinet design can be mounted onto a pole or onto the side of a building for greater visibility.  

Take it a step further and let us design a pylon sign that incorporates the illuminated cabinet design into it for a sign that truly exhibits form and function. Illuminated cabinets can be lit with fluorescent bulbs or LEDs and fabricated in a multitude of stock and custom configurations.

DesignElement can provide you a competitively priced signage solution no matter what the scope of the project or the size of the budget.


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