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Pylon Signage

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The marriage of style and visibility.
Property owners and managers need a one-size-fits-all signage solution to accommodate multiple tenants but sometimes city ordinance will only allow them a certain amount of signage.  We can create the perfect fluorescent bulb or LED illuminated cabinet, pylon, or pole sign that can be easily and quickly changed as tenants come and go. Aluminum sign cabinets are a staple in the sign industry as they provide a lasting solution that can be easily modified without a permit as a tenant changes by replacing the acrylic or poly-carbonate insert.  This cabinet design can be mounted onto a pole or onto the side of a building for greater visibility.  Take it a step further and let us design a pylon sign that incorporates the illuminated cabinet design into it for a sign that truly exhibits form and function. Illuminated cabinets can be lit with fluorescent bulbs or LEDs and fabricated in a multitude of stock and custom configurations.  DesignElement can provide you a competitively priced signage solution no matter what the scope of the project or the size of the budget.  Call us today!

Questions & Answers.

That depends on the sign code for the specific town you live in.  Normally, a town would specify a total square footage for all combined signage for a store base on the amount of linear store frontage.  Many times a store front is small and therefore there is usually a minimum clause in the code that will allow small storefronts a maximum signage square footage of more than an algorithm would allow.  Call us today to set up a consultation for your signage needs!

There are quite a few differences but in terms of how it looks, there are multiple grades of both LEDs and Fluorescent bulbs so brightness can successfully be achieved with both options.  The pros and cons of both break down like this: Bulbs are cheaper to make, install, and maintain, LEDs last longer, are more energy efficient and work more reliably in a greater range of temperatures but are more expensive to make, install, and maintain.

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